Saturday, July 30, 2011

Out of Kenya Already??

My time in Kenya has come to a close already, it went extraordinarily fast and I'm already missing being there. Here are some things I will miss most:
  1. Taking chai multiple times a day
  2. Karibu Sana (Very welcome), and the hospitality that follows that when you are visiting
  3. Eating fresh fruit from the open air markets
  4. Learning/speaking Kiswahili – even when that requires me making a fool of myself
  5. Jamming to hip-hop tunes down the road in a beat up matatu with Jesus bumper stickers all over it on my way to work
  6. Kenyan foods - chapati, mandazi, beans, dengu, pilau, ugali, sikuma..all of it (except for matumbo maybe - goat intestines)
  7. Nairobi weather - between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit pretty much all the time
  8. Afternoon snacks of coke (in a glass bottle of course) and cake
  9. Greeting everyone with handshakes or hugs when you see them, even if you hardly know one another
  10. Actually using coins to purchase things
  11. Cheap fare rides around town
  12. People dancing and taking joy in their praise for the Lord at Church
  13. Working with people who have great hope and desire to be part of the change in Kenya that is so needed

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