Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny Things of the Late

Kenya is great. There are always things happening that make me unsure of whether I should laugh or just be in amazement. Here are some examples:
1.       Explicit instructions on how to use every kind of contraception known to man…on the family Christian radio station
2.       Debating with Kenyan women over who can eat more chapatti in one sitting
3.       The harmful side effects of the Marula tree’s fruit on wild animals (just go ahead and youtube this one, it’ll be funnier that way)
4.       The addiction Kenyans have with late night Mexican soaps dubbed in English
5.       Speaking Kiswahili to children
6.       Exodus 2 Stardom – the Kenyan, Christian version of American Idol
7.       Stirring the ugali pot – much harder than it looks
8.       The burning ginger sensation that you breathe out of your nose after drinking a bottle of Stoney Tangawizi cola.
9.       Waking up in the middle of the night because of a mosquito buzzing in your ear
10.   The winter jackets and hats that Kenyans put on when the weather is around 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit)
11.   My favorite verb to say in Kiswahili because of the response it gets: Kucheza ngoma – to dance the African way
12.   Instructions on the radio for how to gain weight
13.   A recent encounter I had with a child on my way back from work: “Mzungu, give me a sweet”. I had no sweet…sorry mtoto (child).
14.   Negotiating with Kenyan businessmen
15.   The insane quantity of maharagwe (beans) I have consumed every day for the past 9 weeks..and the harmful side effects of that.

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